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6,60 18,30 

This product is only available during the christmas season.

Traditional turrón also known as “crunchy”. Roasted almonds with their skin are blended with caramel made from sugar.
Together with the Terronico, they are the only turrones in which the skin of the toasted almond is not removed; that’s why their flavours are very different from the rest.

Size PriceQuantity
Big (610gr) 18,30 
Small (410gr) 12,40 
Square (205gr) 6,60 
  • Gluten free

  • Lactose free


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The turrón is presented in two overlaid bars and vacuum packed. We have three sizes: portions of around 205grs, a small bar of approx. 410 grams and a large one of approx. 610 grams.

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