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From generation to generation, we have spread the passion for turrón and the love for the craft.

Making turrones and ice-creams is our métier and we combine both seasons along the year. There are two key events throughout the year which distinguish our seasons. September is the harvest month for almonds while December and January are the harvest seasons for tiger nuts.


“Choosing the right honey and almonds is essential.

Good quality turrones are those in which you can distinguish the flavours of almonds and honey”

We are a family business with a limited production and the selection, the procedure and the selling point are equally important to us. We use exclusively artisanal methods. We combine the production between our atelier in Ciutat Vella and Jijona neighbourhoods, where the family comes from. In spring and summer we sell ice-creams and horchatas as well as turrones. The rest of the year we only sell turrones.

Each Planelles Donat nougat bar is unique
because we cut them and wrap them by hand.


We care about small details: the source of raw material, the almond’s roasted process, the right cooking time of honey… and every year we seek to make the best turrón. The manufacturing of turrón isn’t an exact science, and knowing the procedure well becomes crucial to always obtain the same quality. We always use the honey and almonds that come from Spanish Levant farmers. We use rosemary or orange blossom honey to make our turrones, according to the variety.

We burn daily in our Ciutat Vella workshop so that the customer can take the bar with the crunch of caramel and the aroma of burnt sugar.


Horchata, ice-creams and other drinks are daily produced in our atelier located in Ciutat Vella. This gives us the freedom to adjust the production according to the climate and the needs of our shops. This way we can always offer the freshest product.

We produce horchata on a daily basis. Our tiger nuts come from the Alboraya region and meet with the quality standards of tiger nuts with the appellation of origin TIGER NUTS VALENCIA.


The quality of raw material is of great importance for the elaboration of our ice-creams. The majority of our ice-creams are made of dairy products but we do offer a mango sorbet for clients who are intolerant to lactose.

We perceive ice-creams as a type of food so we use natural ingredients, low in sugar and no saturated fat added (apart from our homemade cream and whole cow’s milk). This way we guarantee nutritious but low-calorie products.