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History and tradition

Planelles Donat is a family business dedicated to the production and sales of turrones, sweets, ice-creams and horchatas in the centre of Barcelona. In 2014, Planelles Donat was recognised as an emblematic landmark of the city of Barcelona.

Planelles Donat arose in 1954 from the union of two families dedicated to the production of turrón in Barcelona: the Planelles and the Donat. Even in 1850 the Planelles family already sold turrones in la Plaza Real. Later on, in 1870 they eventually moved to 9 Cucurulla Street. The Donat, previously settled in Trafalgar Street, moved to 25 Portal de l’Àngel Street in 1928. Over the years, the business has grown and now we have two more shops located in the same street.

An exclusive selection and a traditional method have made us a reference of quality in Barcelona.

Nowadays, the fifth and sixth generation are in charge of the family business. The knowledge and love for the product have been transmitted over generations and our main goal is to maintain the quality of our products.

In 2014 we stepped into the digital world and opened out first online shop in order to better meet our customers’ demands.

The fair of Christmas products

Back in 1850, Planelles’ ancestors already sold turrón in the fair of Christmas products celebrated every year in Plaza Real and Las Ramblas.
Their market stall was located beneath the archway of Plaza Real. In 1868, due to the inauguration of the 1888 exposition, the city council decided to close down the fair, which might give an outdated image of the city.


From a street fair to the houses doorways

In 1868, the street fair was prohibited and traders placed their stands in the doorways of houses. Not being able to have a market stall nor a shop made this option very popular among turrón sellers in the city.

Over time, buying turrones in doorways has become popular in Barcelona. Planelles’ family settled in 9 Cucurulla Street where they are still now.

In 1894, Isidre Nonell, a Catalan postmodernist painter, drew this painting of our great-grandparents showing their everyday life at the Cucurulla stall. At that time we only sold turrón from All Saint Day until La Candelera in February.

Over the years, the turrón season extended and nowadays we sell turrón all year round.


Antonio Donat becomes independent

In the 1920s the grandfather Donat, who had always worked for others, became independent and decided to start his own business in Trafalgar Street giving birth to a new brand of turrones; Antoni Donat. In the first place they settled in number 2, but due to the second International Exposition taking place in Barcelona, the corner of Trafalgar Street and Jonqueras Street was destroyed in 1929 and a new building was constructed.
For this reason, the grandfather Donat moved to 5 Trafalgar Street to sell turrones, where this picture was taken.


We open a new shop at Portal de l’Àngel 25

In 1927 the Donats went to the Portal de l’Àngel 25, where grandfather Donat, to be able to have activity all the year and because he knew the job, began to make and sell; in summer, orchids and ice cream. That year, the workshop was bought at Carrer Montsió, where the orxates and turrones were made, and we are still there.


The return after the war

Except for the civil war years, since 1868 the Planelles family has always attended the Christmas meeting in Cucurulla Street, described in this moving letter from the house owner to our ancestors.

¨Barcelona 9 de Mayo de 1939.
Sr D.José Planelles, Queridos amigos recibimos su carta que nos produjo una gran alegría al ver que después de la guerra se han podido reunir todos otra vez a pesar de los sufrimientos pasados. Nosotros estamos todos bien y reunidos sin que en los últimos tiempos nos viniera algo desagradable pues afortunadamente ninguno de nosotros estaba en el frente. Supongo que ustedes tendrán intención de venir como todos los años, la entrada de la casa está alquilada pero tienen en el contrato una cláusula que les obliga a abandonarla en 48 horas a la llegada de Vds. Las familias Torrella y Martínez están bien. María me encarga muchos saludos para ustedes y de mi todo el aprecio de su amigo, Juan de Vilaclara.”


Planelles Donat: the union of two families

Picture taken in 1947; Otilia Donat selling ice-creams and horchata in 25 Portal de l’Àngel Street.

In 1954, both families and their business join together to create Planelles Donat, an example of quality and tradition in the city of Barcelona.


Opening a new shop at 7 Portal de l’Àngel Street

In 1987, seizing the economic growth of the city and an opportunity to improve our service, we opened a new shop at 7 Portal de l’Àngel Street. In this picture, the three brothers Planelles Donat are preparing the turrones for the inauguration event of a new store.


The family business grows

In 1997, continuously willing to ameliorate the service, we opened a new shop at 27 Portal de l’Àngel Street, right next to the old shop.


Opening of the online shop

In 2014, we got into the digital world and opened our first online shop in order to better satisfy the needs of all our clients.