Terms of Sale

  1. Planelles Donat is committed only to ship orders once received the payment.
  2. Shipments, depending on transport and customs, may suffer delays unrelated to us. Planelles Donat is not responsible in these cases.
  3. All shipments must include the telephone number and address of the addressee and the contact number of the sender in case they are different.
  4. National shipments will be sent through the transport company GRUPO VIAPACK (ENVIALIA). The estimated delivery time is 72 hours from the pick-up of the order in our store. Shipments to the city of Barcelona have an estimated delivery period of 2 business days with prior delivery contact.
  5. Shipments to European destinations will be made with land agency. The estimated delivery time is 6 working days with prior contact for delivery.
  6. In case of incorrect delivery address Planelles Donat will not assume the shipping costs. In case of change of delivery address Planelles Donat is not responsible for the difference in the cost of the fee that may have to be applied.
  7. All our packages leave the store in perfect condition. If the destinatary detected a problem receiving the package, we would appreciate being notified to the transport agency at the time of receiving the order.
  8. Planelles Donat is not responsible for packages returned because of incorrect, incomplete , or changes of address of the recipient’s address. Nor is  responsible for the absence of the recipient at the  packet delivery time dropped after the notice of collection.
  9. From December 15, due to the accumulation of work in the transportation agencies, we can not guarantee the delivery of packets in the time expected. SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE.